A Tudas6alom (Knowledge is Power) now available with English subtitles

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Romani children are four times more likely to leave school without a diploma than their non-Romani peers. They are ten times less likely to go university.Hungary has pioneered small after-school study halls to keep vulnerable Romani high school students off the streets with tutoring and extracurricular activities. One inspirational teacher has been working with a group of talented Romani teenagres, combining poetry and hip-hop infused with the flavours of Budapest1s inner districts.

English translation was prepared by Gabor Gyukics, REF thanks Gabor greatly for the excellent job.

Performers: Vera Balogh, Gyula Horvath, Kristof Horvath, Edmond Olah, Krisztofer Paszik, Mark Varadi

Directed by Adam Csaszi 

Director of photography: Marcell Rev

Lyrics and performance : Kristof Horvath aka Szinesz Bob