Rising to the Top | Nicoleta Bitu | It's Too Easy to Give Up

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To mark International Roma Day in 2018, Rising to the Top spoke with Dr. Nicoleta Bitu, Director of the Centre for Romani Studies of the National School for Political and Administrative Sciences in Bucharest, Romania. She has been active in the field of human and women’s rights for over 24 years, at the forefront of the European mobilization of Romani women activists and of advocacy for the rights of Roma. A recognized and published expert in her field, she has worked for Romani CRISS, the Open Society Foundations, the Council of Europe and Romano ButiQ. Her work has provoked the Romani and feminist movements to think and act based on the universality of human rights when it comes to Romani women. She is currently involved in initiatives on Romani arts and culture such as the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture and contributed to establishing the Museum of Roma Culture and Documentation Centre on Roma in Romania. Dr. Bitu is also a REF Board Member.