• On October 16, 2006 REF Board reviewed electronically 19 project proposals for a total amount of 2 667 447 Euro. The Board approved 5 projects for a total amount of 289 540 Euro.  The Board approved one international project, one from Macedonia, one from Romania and two from Slovakia, on a variety of topics: Access to university education, information campaign on the importance of Roma education, support for pre-school education and programs to avoid Roma children to be sent to special schools and special classes. All projects reviewed had be sent to REF before August 2006.

  • The serious concern aired in an REF policy note about the potential risk of the Roma children not being enrolled in the new compulsory preschool education in Serbia   has motivated Roma NGOs to gather in order to discuss how to prevent this risk. As a result a round table on “Enrolment of Roma Children in pre-school programs, primary and secondary school” has been held in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 9th 2006.

  • REF Board met in Budapest on June 22 to review project proposals. It reviewed 36 Projects for a total amount of Euro 4.432.067. The Board approved 18 projects for a total amount of Euro 1.695.862.

  • “From Segregation to Integrated Schooling the way forward”  in Brussels on April 28.

    The REF supported a major international conference on school desegregation titled “From Segregation to Integrated Schooling: the Way Forward” co-organized by the European Network Against Racism(ENAR) and the European Roma Information Office (ERIO).

  • The REF carried out its first REF monitoring mission to review two projects under implementation in Serbia, assess the adequacy of its monitoring procedures, discuss with the Government and Roma civil society education reform and its impact on Roma Education. The REF team was in Serbia from April 16 to April 21, 2006.

  • The consultation on REF Serbia country strategy took place in Belgrade, Serbia, on April 20th. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, and representatives of Roma NGOs, the League for the Decade of Roma Integration, the National Council of Roma National Minority, the Roma Secretariat and the Advisor to the Prime Minister on national minorities have participated in the discussion.

  • The Roma Memorial University Scolarship Program’s call for applications for the 2006-2007 academic year

  • Radio report in Hungarian only

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    2006. november 21., kedd 10:28

  • The REF Board met in Budapest on March 1 and 2, 2006. All the Board members were present. The Board session was chaired by Costel Bercus. The Board approved 12 projects committing an additional Euro 2,100,000.

  • The Board of Directors of the Roma Education Fund has met in Budapest to review progress in setting up the Fund’s Program Office, identifying the first projects that the Fund may finance, and to evaluate the 2005 work program presented by the Director.

    A number of important decisions have been made by the Board, which will make it possible for REF now to undertake the actions necessary for evaluating. Approving and funding education projects. The decisions include: