• The Roma Education Fund is pleased to announce that its seven desegregation projects in Bulgaria is being now funded by the EU Structural Funds, under the Operational Programme  Human Resources Development (OP HRD) as announced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education on March 14, 2008.

    This is a crucial development which marks the transition of the school desegregation projects from grassroots to state-supported action and opens new prospects for their sustainability.

  • Germany,  October 16-17, 2007

    Judit Szira, REF Senior Policy Advisor and Beata Olahova, REF Program Officer represented the Roma Education Fund in the International Symposium at the Foreign Office, Berlin on October 16-17, 2007.

  • 14-16 October 2007

    The seminar is titled “Embracing the future: Identity, culture and artistic expression in education of Roma children. The Role of Roma University Centers.
    The concrete objective of the seminar is to launch a network of Roma University centers across Europe.
    The seminar will take place in Venice from October 14 to 16  as part of the program of events around the first Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of contemporary Art.

  • September 10-11

    REF participated in the conference organized by UNESCO and the Council of Europe “Towards quality education for Roma children, Transition from early childhood to primary education.”

  • 10 - 11 September 2007,  UNESCO

    Education for Roma children will be the focus of a meeting organized by UNESCO and the Council of Europe on 10 and 11 September at UNESCO Headquarters. Entitled “Towards quality education for Roma children: transition from early childhood to primary education”, the meeting will bring together experts – representatives of education ministries, members of international and regional organizations, academics, researchers and civil society stakeholders – from fifteen European countries.

  • On 9-11 August 2007 , the meeting of Committee of Education of ERTF took place in Supral, Poland.
    Organizers of the event were DG -II Social Cohesion of the Council of Europe and European Roma and Travellers Forum. The themes for discussion were the situation of Roma in Europe, problems of education for young Roma and their chances in modern societies of Europe and the world.
    The meeting has been held with the participation of the following respected persons:

  • 2 August 2007

    On the night of 2-3 August 1944, the "Gypsy camp" at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp was liquidated after the last group of nearly 3000 Roma inmates there were gassed.
    Tomorrow, 2 August 2007, will be the 63rd anniversary of the dire massacre. On that day European Roma pay their tribute to their assasinated fellows, remebering the Roma Holocaust, the Pharrajimos.

  • The Hungarian Government accepted the decree of the Strategy Plan of the Decade of the Roma Inclusion without a blackball or any dwellings. The Strategy Plan would fasten the improvement process of the economical and social status of Roma. The Strategy Plan of Hungary indicates comprehensive aims in the fields of equal treatment in practice, culture media and sport besides employment, housing, healthcare and education.

  • 4 July 2007 MACIKA, Hungary

    The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour together with the Advisory Board of the  Public Foundation for the Hungarian Gypsies (MACIKA) have invited applications for the Roma scholarship programs of 2007.
    Scholarships to be apportioned amongst Roma students may amount from 15.000 to 150.000 HUF: those pursuing their studies in higher education establishments abroad will receive the available highest amount. The application packages of underprivileged students will be favoured while evaluation.