• On February 15, 2011, the Board of Directors of the Roma Education Fund appointed Judit Szira as the Executive Director.  Ms. Szira has worked as Senior Adviser at REF since its inception.  Ms. Szira has over 30 years of experience in the area of education as well as in Roma issues, as a teacher, administrator, government official and grantmaker.  The REF Board welcomes Judit in her new role. 

  • The Roma Education Fund is not collecting personal private data about its beneficiaries. Data collected for the portfolio of projects including European Union sponsored projects are solely for the purposes of project implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and are entirely anonymous and aggregate level data. In all its supported projects the Roma Education Fund is advising to all Roma NGOs and other partners not to collect and disclose personal private data.

  • Through schooling, a few Gypsies join middle class
    The Associated Press /5:52 a.m. Sunday, January 16, 2011

    SKALICA, Slovakia — The Balazova family lived on nothing but potatoes and rice one month as they struggled to pull together the money to buy an electric typewriter for their teenage daughter.

    It was one of many sacrifices that paid off. Today, 31-year-old Zuzana Balazova teaches at a university in Slovakia while finishing a doctorate in sociology.

  • Internship positions are an important component of REF activities as they allow young educated Roma to get acquainted with the organization and the issues related to the education of Roma people in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.
    Internships also help REF to establish a network of young and dynamic people who, upon completing their internship, will go on to support, in various ways, the objectives and mission of the Fund and Roma inclusion in conventional educational systems.

  • The social, economic and cultural position of the Roma population poses one of the greatest political challenges in Europe today. Roma inclusion is a complex process including anti-discrimination, desegregation and poverty reduction.
    Inclusion can only take place with the full participation of Roma children in quality education and the expansion of sustainable livelihood strategies and employment opportunities, so that the chances of Roma become similar to that of all European citizens.

  • Launching Conference of “A Good Start” project – Romania

  • George Soros Would Introduce the Harlem Program to Support Hungarian Roma

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  • George Soros speaks on Roma issues in Slovakia
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