• From April 14 to April 18, Rumyan Russinov, Tunde Kovac and Mihai Surdu, visited Bulgaria to monitor the Vidin Roma children integration project BU 046 and BU 055 on the political and legal preparation for desegregation legislation.

  • Schools are not islands, integration of Roma children is not solely the question of public education, integration of the Roma minority is also a matter for the majority society- said Jenõ Kaltenbach the Ombudsman for National and Ethnic Minorities of Hungary, on the Parliamentary session of the Commission for Education and Science, on 17. 04.

  • BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Roma Initiative Program has come to its fourth, last year. The manager of the initiation, Susan S. Kutor has evaluated the program successful.

  • The Romaversitas program calls for applications for the next academic year as of September 2007. Applications of young, talented Roma are welcome. When applying, applicants are supposed to have two successful semesters in any of the Hungarian tertiary educational establishments; also their academic rates may not fall under the required.

  • One of the leading lawyers supporting the desegregation process in US, Mr. Jack Greenberg, visited Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary in April 2007, collecting information about integration of Roma in the education system in the three countries.

  • UNHCR together with the NGO Praxis has just released an update of its 2005 report “Analysis of the Situation of Internally Displaced Persons from Kosovo in Serbia and Montenegro: Law and Practice". The organizations notice that the 206.879 IDPs from Kosovo who live in Serbia still face obstacles in the realization of basic rights.

  • On 18. 04. 2007 "The Educational Romas Center" has been settled in Oradea University Campus, in Romania. The center was set up by the Ruhama Foundation in order to enable the development of Roma communities in the county, starting from pre-school to territorial studies. According to the President of the Foundation, Marian Daragiu, the most important task of the Center is to help Roma undertake their own identity, acknowledge their rights and obligations.

  • The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) dedicated a summer event to increase the level of acceptance and awareness of Roma as a minority group and the Romani culture among youth. The seminar will take place on 22nd – 28th of July, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Participants coming from both Roma and non-Roma cultures will have the opportunity to experience one week of real-life, face-to-face, constructive dialogue and familiarize each other with the particularities and differences of their cultures.

  • June 12 - 13, 2007 - Sofia, Bulgaria

    This is the 10th Meeting of the International Steering Committee of the Decade of Roma Inclusion organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in its capacity as a National Coordinating Body of the Decade of Roma Inclusion under the Bulgarian Decade Presidency. The working languages of this event will be English and Romani.

    More info via Ani Evgenieva, Junior Expert, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy at

  • Brussels, 18 April 2007 - MEP Katalin Levai hosted a working lunch in the European Parliament to discuss the role of knowledge as a tool for social mobility, for which the digital world offers a number of services.
    The discussion highlighted the need to dismantle the barriers that prevent Roma from profiting from the internet as a tool for better education and access to information. The meeting was attended by different MEPS, members from the Commission and other EU institutions.