Thank you, RomaVersitas Macedonia, for donating for REF's office in Budapest

Roma roles models - Leaders for their communities - Productive citizens

These words aptly describe a group of REF's current and past scholarship beneficiaries from Macedonia who reacted to REF's call to action as a result of the fire that devasted our headquarters in Budapest. Thank you for your initiative!

Read their letter below:

Dear Mr. Nadir Redzepi, representatives and employees of the Roma Education Fund.

Due to the call for donations, we felt the need to organize and conduct an action for collecting donations, and thus, to show the responsibility and gratitude we have for REF as scholarship recipients.

I would like to inform you that the action "Let's support those who supported us" - Donations for REF is over.
We had a total of 48 donations from REF students and alumni, the total amount of the donations is: 27.385 denars.

The funds have been paid to the REF account, and a list with names and surnames and the amount of the donors, will be published on the website of the Association for Citizens Romavertzitas

Yours sincerely
Muhamed Ajvaz, Elson Iljaz, Alen Umer, Sibel Bajram, Rufat Demirov, Semran Sulejman, Josif Rashidovski, Denis Arsenovski, Huria Mukaipovska, Ervin Mamuti, Idriz Durmish.