Scholarships for 800 Roma , Roma Education Fund, Serbia 2012

There are more than 800 Roma students studying at the universities and secondary schools in Vojvodina. From 2007, they are all receiving support which helps them going through their education process and finishing secondary schools and universities. A project Romaversitas, implemented by Roma Centre for Democracy, provides financial help to the students as well as additional classes and mentor support, while teaching them to support each other.
Three Roma university students, Mirko Kaldaraš, Jovan Nikolić and Dragić Veličković, told their stories and confirmed the importance of the support they are receiving from Romaversitas program. With this support, they managed to take part in numerous competitions and to pass their exams successfully. One of them, for example, took part in a competition Eurobot in France and together with his team he created a robot and won third place for Serbia.
Thanks to these projects, implemented in cooperation with the Vojvodinian Government, Roma Education Fund, Open Society Foundations and Roma Inclusion Office, number of Roma students in Vojvodina is doubled.