Roma Education Fund's 2015 Annual Report Available Online

The Roma Education Fund is pleased to present its 2015 Annual Report that covers the year’s activities, achievements and outcomes. Among its achievements in 2015, REF managed 45 new grants from an active portfolio of 69 grants and implemented another 12 projects reaching over 77,000 Roma children and their families, as well as supported some 1,400 Roma university students to attend university.

The report includes:

  • A summary REF’s grant-giving and scholarship programs, highlighting activities, outputs and trends.
  • A comprehensive section devoted to regions, presenting country highlights of REF’s grant portfolio as well as detailed data on some its most outstanding projects, not to mention regional breakdowns of its scholarship program.
  • Impressions from grantees and policymakers about REF’s effects on a personal, community or governmental level.
  • The final results of REF’s annual PWC audit presenting REF’s financial health across its six units.
  • A snapshot of special events to coincide with REF’s ten-year anniversary that brought together Roma teachers and Roma university students.