Representation of Roma in Curricula and Textbooks: Findings and Advocacy Workshop

Two months after their initial workshop at the Georg Eckert, Junior Textbook and Curricula Researchers are reconnected for a second workshop on findings and advocacy. The first day of the workshop the Junior Researchers presented their preliminary findings from the 13 studied countries.

One of the finding is a photo in a textbook representing Roma through a painting created by a Roma artist, displaying the Roma contribution to society at large. Yet, there were other textbook discourses which represent Roma as poor, criminals, and living on the margins of society. 

In addition, the Junior Researchers review the textbook texts through the tools of critical discourse analysis. What they discovered was images of Roma children on the streets confirming the dominant discourse of Roma seen as “poor”.  Another example is that in a text Roma civil rights have been promoted in a manner which perpetuates the domination of the majority group over the Roma population.

In the next two days the Junior Researchers will gain knowledge and skills in advocacy to actualize impactful and sustainable policy reform through case studies and development of advocacy plans.