REF team visits Moldova and meets the Minister of Education, the Head of the Parliamentary Commission on Education in the Parliament and also members of civil society and development agencies

A team, composed of Alexandre Marc, REF Executive Director and Marius Taba,, REF Program Officer, visited Moldova to discuss possible development of a REF supported program.
The REF team was accompanied by Ruslan Stanga and Marin Ala, head of Ograda V Noastra and Tarna Rom, the beneficiaries of REF first grants for Moldova.

The team met with Victor Tvircun, Minister of Education and Youth, and Mr Viktor Stepaniuc, head of parliamentary commission for education.

They discussed the new decree establishing a program of action for the education of Roma in Moldova and the various measures supporting the education of Roma. The team also met with the deputy director of the bureau of interethnic relations. The team met with representative of OSI, The World Bank, and the European commission and with the head of the most important Roma NGOs in Moldova. The team was very well received and both government and development agencies encouraged REF to become more active to Moldova. REF team mentioned their intention to launch, as soon as possible, a country assessment in order to have a basis to decide on the direction of a future program.
REF held a press conference that was very well attended by more than 20 journalists.