REF Board meeting in Budapest, Hungary

June 14, 2007

The Board of the Roma Education Fund met on June 14, 2007 in REF headquarters. The REF Board approved 10 projects and rejected 16 projects.

The the approved projects were for Macedonia (1), Bulgaria (5), Serbia (2), Slovakia (1), and Hungary (1). The Board also approved two reimbursable grants for Hungary.

The Board approved a new fundraising strategy and reviewed the Croatia country assessment and `REF working directions documents and cleared the report for discussions with the Governments and the civil society.

The Board approved a major reform of the Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program and the transfer to REF of the unit coordinating the program which was part of OSI until now.

The Board also approved two new studies to be undertaken in 2007. The first one will assess the impact of positive discrimination measures in favour of Roma in the education system in Romania and the other will review policies of conditional social assistance transfer to school attendance.  Finally the Board discussed a number of procedural issues.