REF and Putumayo World Music establish a partnership

REF and the famous music production company Putumayo World Music have just signed a partnership agreement. A portion of Putumayo’s proceeds from the sale of the new Gypsy Groove CD, that has been released in March, 2007, will be donated to the Roma Education Fund. The grant will be used to support Roma NGO projects and scholarships. 
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gypsy groove

Balkan Beats and Gypsy Jams from the Dance Floors of Eastern Europe and Beyond!

Though often misrepresented and romanticized, Gypsies, or the Roma, as they prefer to be called, have had a fascinating history. Leaving the Indus Valley more than 1,000 years ago, they migrated first to the Middle East and Eastern Europe and then to the rest of the world, making an impact on the cultures with which they came into contact.
They earned reputations as master musicians and entertainers whose influences can be heard in a variety of genres, including flamenco, Jewish klezmer and the works of Dvorák, Rachmaninov, and other classical composers.
Now, modern day music makers from a variety of backgrounds are mining this rich legacy to create a movement that’s gained dance floor disciples around the world.

On March 27, Putumayo World Music presents Gypsy Groove, a collection of Balkan beats, gypsy jams and other treats from the leaders of this vibrant music scene. The album jumps off with a track that epitomizes this sound. Prague producer Stani Vana has spent the last two years developing his own concept of cultural communication. As a leader of the “Nu-Gipsy” sound, he has mastered the ability to both adapt to, and extract from, a variety of musical influences. The result is his group !DelaDap, whose name means “to groove” or simply “to dance” in the Roma language.
A portion of Putumayo’s proceeds from Gypsy Groove will be donated to the Roma Education Fund in support of its policies and programmes that promote quality education for Gypsy children.
Gypsy Groove is the tenth release in Putumayo’s successful Groove series, which has sold more than 1.5 million records around the world. For more information on this and other Putumayo Groove releases, visit the website:

Gypsy Groove