REF 2016 Annual Report Highlights and in Full

The Roma Education Fund's 2016 Annual Report is available as reader-friendly highlights and in full. Inside interested readers will find all the relevant about REF's programs that have brought about significant improvements in Roma educational outcomes in 2016. Based on in-house evidence and analytics, the 2016 Annual Report pairs a general overview with in-depth reporting about program and project interventions realized in 16 countries. It brings to attention the key achievements and events, contrasts REF results with mainstream educational trends and visualizes aggregated data. A handful of features explore some of the challenges experienced by REF entities during the implementation process, while an index of REF country portfolios include additional information about REF’s investments and priorities, complemented by personal spotlights on how education has made a difference in people’s lives. General statistics for each country chapter are contrasted with REF data about its interventions, providing an up-to-date comparison of the education policy and development landscape along with evidence underlining the successful outcomes that REF has triggered through its projects and programs. By default, the Annual Report concludes with information on finance and administration, including audit findings on income and expenses made by the REF Network.