Project Mentors in Romania Train under the ESF-funded “Roma Children and Parents Want to Go to School!”

As the Roma Education Fund Romania puts into place all the components of its four-region ESF-funded project "Roma Children and Parents Want to Go to School!" (ID 132996), it recently organized a working meeting with the mentors employed in the project for the Intensive Educational (SEI) and Second Chance (ADS) programs on November 13-16, 2014, in Brasov, Romania. The meeting was co-organized the Resource Center for Roma Communities, a national partner in the project. The workshop aimed to prepare the 66 mentors for the provision of a qualitative mentoring service.

The overall goal of the mentoring program is to support school success for the beneficiaries of the project – some 800 students in the SEI component and their parents, plus 310 ADS students. The SEI and ADS mentors are being trained to motivate children and ADS students for further study, to organize and conduct individual and group meetings in order to facilitate the training of communication skills and personal development and to provide counseling, educational and professional guidance. Also, the mentors monitor the frequency and academic progress of pupils and students and propose solutions for improving the quality of school participation, where appropriate. Finally, the mentors facilitate school-parent relationship by encouraging parental involvement in the school life of mentored students.

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