Outreach Visits

REF staff began to coordinate its work with the National Coordinators of the International Steering Committee of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. After the most recent meeting of the Steering Committee in Prague, a number of countries were visited,

Project ideas and specific proposals for Roma education were discussed in the Bulgraia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Macedonia. In soliciting proposals, the REF emphasized that it would specifically welcome education projects which have already been included in each country’s individual Decade Action Plans. Consistent with its mandate, the REF would favor projects that could be ‘scaled up’ and that have already been piloted, thus demonstrating both their cost-effectiveness and their feasibility for implementation on a broader scale. The REF has also been looking at a limited number of pilot projects that would be linked to innovative activities, with a strong technical underpinning, but have as yet not demonstrated feasibility for implementation on a larger scale.

Visits to Croatia and Romania are being planned at this time, and discussions have already started with Hungarian authorities and stakeholders.