Meeting of REF Board, June 22, 2006

REF Board met in Budapest on June 22 to review project proposals. It reviewed 36 Projects for a total amount of Euro 4.432.067. The Board approved 18 projects for a total amount of Euro 1.695.862.

The Board also approved the concept of a UNICEF sponsored project for Albania and requested REF staff to present the final project for electronic approval.  The REF Board also approved the creation of a revolving fund to help Roma organizations in accessing EU structural funds through financial advance and technical support to prepare proposals. The Fund will be piloted over the summer and should be operational in September. Description and procedures will be posted on the REF web early September. The Board has also approved scaling up REF activities to the non decade countries in the Western Balkan. Finally the Board decided to postpone the regional conference on education to February due to the many changes going on in Governments of the region at the moment.