Increasing Educational Opportunities for Roma in Western Balkans & Turkey - Policy event in Tirana, Albania

Poor allocation of economic resources and inefficient disbursement of funds – the Albanian government continues to tackle the inclusion of Roma and Egyptian minority through project-based programs rather than sustainable and integrated programs. 
A top-down technocratic approach, limited capacity of the country in engaging key Roma and Egyptian actors in the process – especially at local level, and the lack of adequate consultation with and participation of Roma and Egyptian minority at all phases of the policy process. These remarks are part of the major criticism which the Albanian government faced during the policy event named "CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR ROMA AND EGYPTIAN CHILDREN AND YOUTH IN ALBANIA" which took place on 10 April 2019 in Tirana, Albania. 

The particular situation and needs of Roma and Egyptian girls and women in regard to their access to education, employment, housing, health care and public life should be largely taken care of, believe REF and its civil society partners in the SouthEuropean country.