EU Regional Action for Increasing Education and Employment Opportunities for Roma youth in Western Balkans and Turkey was launched in Brussels

On 18 December the Roma Education Fund –implemented project on increasing education and employment opportunities for Roma students and Roma youth in the Western Balkans and Turkey was launched in Brussels. Representatives from the donors – the European Commission and the Open Society Foundations were part of the signing ceremony (see photos).

The total contribution to the project by the European Commission amounts to € 3 million whereas Open Society Foundations contributes € 800,000.

The project will run in partnership with national and sub-national education and employment authorities and local civil society organisations.

What needs to be stressed is that the EU-funded Regional Action will be focused on both quality education provision and quality of educational achievements of the Roma students, as well as raising employability of Roma youth.

In terms of improving the quality schooling for the Roma, the proved REF’s educational models will be largely applied throughout the project stages, as in new geographic areas those will be tested for a first time, said in his speech Andrzej Mirga, the Chair of the Board of the Roma Education Fund.

Education leading towards employment is the newest spotlight in the REF’s Strategy 2020-2030. 

Also, in order to ensure a sustainable change in education systems, the project implementers will put efforts to elevate the capacities of central and local institutions, such as ministries of education, local authorities, and school principals.

Not the least, Roma role models will be utilized as actors of change throughout all implementation stages and in all project countries.

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