Call for applications: RMUSP Law and Humanities Program

The Open Society Institute and the Roma Education Fund announces the fourth year of RMUSP Law and Humanities Program for eligible Roma students at the university level.

The RMUSP Law and Humanities Program grants 50 scholarships annually to law and humanities (public administration, journalism, political science, sociology, economics and history) majors in Moldova, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The priority field of support for eligible applicants is law; humanities students receive support as funding permits.
Scholarship Applicants must acknowledge being Roma and demonstrate interest in Roma issues by actively participating in Roma related projects also, to meet eligible criteria, complete application packages respecting set deadlines must be submitted.
The RMUSP Selection Committee grants scholarships on competitive bases to those eligible applicants whose application package has the highest qualitative value.
The RMUSP scholarships shall be used to cover tuition, textbooks, exam fees and partially living expenses.

The Deadline for New and Renewal applicants is July 10th, 2007.
Additional information on participation, and condition as well as contact details of coordinators by region are available on the website.