Call for Proposals for Roma Early Childhood Inclusion (RECI+) report Bulgaria

Open Society Foundations, UNICEF and the Roma Education Fund invite concept notes for prospective RECI+ study in Bulgaria. This is a call for accredited research institutions (such as university research units, independent research consultancies, think tanks, NGOs and other) who can work on a research plan to:
  • Propose a sampling approach and methodology that ensures participation of the most vulnerable Roma families and children, including children with disabilities and developmental difficulties.
  • Incorporate a variety of research approaches to gather qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Include Roma researchers throughout the duration of the research and the production of the report.
  • Contain clear ethical guidelines for research amongst Roma communities.
  • Set out a clear timetable and budget.
Interested parties are invited to send a cover letter expressing their interest with the following:
  • A capability statement in relation to the institution’s self-assessed suitability for the work and its previous work of a similar nature together with its experience in working collaboratively within partnership arrangements.
  • An outline plan with timeframe of how the study will be carried out;
  • An outline proposal of the methodology, techniques and tools to be employed;
  • A list of the individuals to be deployed and their latest Curriculum Vitae (CVs);
  • Proposed budget
The research organization would be expected to coordinate the preparation and training prior to the research fieldwork, the management of the research timetable, the coordination of the drafting of materials and the national consultation. Please consult with the attached Terms of Reference.
Please send questions and proposals by 13th August 2018 to