Information note

An agreement was reached during the Venice seminar organized by the Roma Education Fund on the creation of a network of Roma University Centers to strengthen practical and applied research on Roma issues, facilitate exchange of researchers and students between centers and countries and improve communication between the research communities working on Roma Issues.

The seminar titled “Embracing the future: Identity, culture and artistic expression in education of Roma children. The Role of University centers” took place in the prestigious Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti.

It was organized in the framework of the Venice Biennale of contemporary Art and the establishment of the first Pavilion of Roma artists.Thirty-five leading researcher on Roma culture, representatives of higher education institutions, and heads of Roma student unions and representatives of NGOs working with higher education institutions participated in the work.

The first session of the seminar focused on Roma culture and Identity in a globalized world and discussed different components of the Roma culture, the Roam language, the Roma involvement in visual Arts and Roma music. The session that followed discussed the Role of University centers and the issues they are facing, it also discussed the problems they are facing and what could be a common vision for their development. Finally the participants agreed on a four pages set of objectives and priorities to set –up a network of Roma university centers. They also agreed on a program of activities to prepare the network.