• Designed to address a chronic shortage of qualified Roma medical practitioners/health professionals in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, the RHSP has supported over 527 Roma students (through 1.295 scholarships) pursuing vocational and/or tertiary medical studies through a scholarship package comprising financial, academic and professional support, since

  • As part of its ongoing work to create and shape a critical body of Roma university graduates and professionals, the Roma Education Fund’s Scholarship Program hosted students from the Law and Humanities Program in Budapest in July for an annual networking and learning event. Aiming to facilitate peer networks and share experiences unique to Roma students, this year's conference provided an empowering program of workshops, discussions and social events. 

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    Nadácia Rómsky vzdelávací fond - organizačná zložka zahraničnej nadácie Roma Education Fund - Roma Oktatási Alap (REF) vyhlasuje výzvu na podávanie žiadostí o poskytnutie štipendií pre rómskych študentov stredných škôl.

  • Since 2005 the Roma Education Fund has directed its efforts to closing the gap in educational achievements between Roma and non-Roma, including efforts to desegregate national education systems. Since 2010 in Hungary, REF sought to prove to educational authorities that school segregation caused irrevocable damage to Roma pupils’ future prospects.

  • Together in partnership with co-founders the Central European University (CEU), the Velux Foundations, and the Open Society Roma Initiatives Office, the Roma Education Fund (REF) is pleased to officially launch the Roma in European Societies Initiative.

  • Two months ago, Roma university student members of RomaVersitas Bulgaria initiated a letter of appeal to the European Commission regarding the circumstances of the violent April 16 attack on a 17-year-old Roma boy that was recorded and distributed across social media. Mitko was beaten on camera by Angel Kaleev in

  • The Roma Education Fund (REF) is organizing the first ever international Toy Libraries Conference for practitioners working in Roma communities, June 6-7 in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • On the occasion of a conference at the University of Sussex, REF Chair Andrzej Mirga shared his thoughts with experts from within the European education sector about how young people from Roma communities can be better included in higher education. The event, on May 19, 2016, brought together key policymakers and researchers to discuss the issues which prevent the inclusion of Roma students in secondary schools and universities across Europe.

  • As the Roma Education Fund enters a new cycle of sustainability and growth, important administrative changes have been implemented in the governing boards within its network of foundations. Before going into details, REF would like to thank all outgoing board members for their service, their time and their efforts to shape the growth and governance of REF. We would also like to thank all newcomers, whether appointed or recruited, for their contributions so far and we look forward to your guidance and advice as we shape REF's long-term goals and operations.

  • Experts from within the European education sector are to come together at the University of Sussex to discuss how young people from Roma communities can be better included in higher education.