News in 2007

  • Strasbourg, 14 November 2007—In a momentous decision for Roma across Europe, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, by a vote of 13 to four, ruled today that segregating Roma students into special schools is a form of unlawful discrimination that violates fundamental human rights.

  • Five schools and three NGOs from the Western Balkans became winners of the Council of Europe “Schools and Civil
    Society Awards” today for their work for promoting intercultural dialogue and better understanding of Roma culture.

    The prizes have been awarded as part of a joint Council of Europe and European Commission awareness raising campaign: “DOSTA! Go Beyond prejudice, discover the Roma”.

  • Germany,  October 16-17, 2007

    Judit Szira, REF Senior Policy Advisor and Beata Olahova, REF Program Officer represented the Roma Education Fund in the International Symposium at the Foreign Office, Berlin on October 16-17, 2007.

  • An agreement was reached during the Venice seminar organized by the Roma Education Fund on the creation of a network of Roma University Centers to strengthen practical and applied research on Roma issues, facilitate exchange of researchers and students between centers and countries and improve communication between the research communities working on Roma Issues.

    The seminar titled “Embracing the future: Identity, culture and artistic expression in education of Roma children. The Role of University centers” took place in the prestigious Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti.

  • 14-16 October 2007

    The seminar is titled “Embracing the future: Identity, culture and artistic expression in education of Roma children. The Role of Roma University Centers.
    The concrete objective of the seminar is to launch a network of Roma University centers across Europe.
    The seminar will take place in Venice from October 14 to 16  as part of the program of events around the first Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of contemporary Art.

  • Roma children near Sibiu are studying in schools for the handicapped, as fears of an apartheid in learning between Romanians and Roma grow.

    Report by Ana Maria Nitoi, published in The Diplomat Bucharest

  • Over the last school year, more than 20.000 disadvantaged students and their mentors received financial support by the scholarship program of the Ministry of Education in Hungary. Application packages for the current school year must be submitted till 8th October.

  • August, 2007

    Brno, the second largest Czech town with a strong Romany community, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education prepared an amendment to the education law to facilitate the situation of children from deprived localities, mainly of Roma origin.

  • The implementation of the Pilot Programme: "Functional Primary Education of Adult Roma" is ending this month.The aim of the Programme is raising the general level of  education of adult Roma, acquisition of primary education and skills for certain jobs, creating conditions for continuation of education and their integration into the social, economic, political and cultural life of the community.

  • One hundred equal opportunity experts are to be trained by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture, as from September 2007 an “Equal Opportunity Plan” will have to be annexed to all regional grant applications submitted.  According to the measures of the Department, there will be more than 400 plans of this kind developed.