News in 2006

  • REF and the famous music production company Putumayo World Music have just signed a partnership agreement. A portion of Putumayo’s proceeds from the sale of the new Gypsy Groove CD, that has been released in March, 2007, will be donated to the Roma Education Fund. The grant will be used to support Roma NGO projects and scholarships. 
    Visit Putumayo's website to listen to sample tracks or to buy the album.

  • Budapest, April 2-3, 2007

    The Roma Education Fund has the pleasure to inform you about the international Conference on Education Reform to Support Roma Inclusion to be held in Budapest on April 2-3, 2007. The Conference is organized in collaboration with the Hungarian Government in the framework of the Decade for Roma Inclusion.

  • On October 16, 2006 REF Board reviewed electronically 19 project proposals for a total amount of 2 667 447 Euro. The Board approved 5 projects for a total amount of 289 540 Euro.  The Board approved one international project, one from Macedonia, one from Romania and two from Slovakia, on a variety of topics: Access to university education, information campaign on the importance of Roma education, support for pre-school education and programs to avoid Roma children to be sent to special schools and special classes. All projects reviewed had be sent to REF before August 2006.

  • City Hotel Bratislava, October 26-28, 2006, Bratislava-Slovakia

    Organized by International Step by Step Association and Nadacia Skola Dokoran (Slovakia)

    The meeting will bring together professionals working in the field of early childhood development. Presentations, workshops and round table discussions will be organized during the meeting with the participants of more that 30 countries. One of the objective of the conference is to empower the educators, professionals, families and policy makers to promote social inclusion.

    International Step by Step Association

  • The serious concern aired in an REF policy note about the potential risk of the Roma children not being enrolled in the new compulsory preschool education in Serbia   has motivated Roma NGOs to gather in order to discuss how to prevent this risk. As a result a round table on “Enrolment of Roma Children in pre-school programs, primary and secondary school” has been held in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 9th 2006.

  • REF Board met in Budapest on June 22 to review project proposals. It reviewed 36 Projects for a total amount of Euro 4.432.067. The Board approved 18 projects for a total amount of Euro 1.695.862.

  • 30 June 2006 Budapest

    Organized by:
    Ministry of Employment, Labor EQAUL Managing Authority in Hungary and European Commission

    Interested stakeholders such as organizations, policy makers and practitioners from within and outside EQUAL are  members of “Enter- Network for Roma”
    The purpose of the network is to collect and generate discussions on existing good practices and polices addressed to Roma in the framework of EQUAL and to mainstream these initiatives trough Structural Funds (2007-2013).

  • 29-30 June , 2006

    Organized by:
    Council of Europe

    The purpose of the meeting is to consult different European stakeholders in order to develop future educational strategies and programs for Roma inclusion.
    The project on „Education of Roma children in Europe” is implemented under the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers` Recommendation No. R (2000) 4 on the education of Roma/Gypsy children in Europe

    Aurora Ailincai
    Project leader  “Education of Roma/Gypsy children in Europe”

  • "Strengthening the cooperation between European Commission and the Decade of Roma Inclusion: concrete ways of European Commission involvement"

    12 of June, 2006, Brussels

    Organized by:
    Romanian Government -National Agency for Roma (NAR) - the second International Steering Committee (ISC) reunion held under the Romanian presidency

  • 8 of June 2006

    Brusseles- Eurpoean Parliament 

    Organized by the
    Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament, in cooperation with the National Liberal Party of Romania.