• Children who have never before left the Konik refugee camp before are now taken by a fleet of buses day by day to mainstream schools in Montenegrin capital Podgorica to help them advance with their studies and build a better life.
    Award-winning director Sami Mustafa's documentary on the children of the longest running Eur

  • June 7th 2018, the Roma Education Fund opened its international scholarship scheme, the Roma International Scholar Program for applications for the 2018-2019 academic year. In the past years the scheme was exclusively available for applicants pursuing MA or PhD level studies, outside their country of origin. As of this cycle, the Program welcomes BA level applications as well.

    All REF Scholarship Programs are addressed exclusively to persons of Roma ethnicity.
    The submission deadline is July 25th 2018. 

  • REF is seeking partner organizations for the implementation of DG Near projects on the Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Adult education levels.

  • The exhibition Dream to Dream: Bulgarian Roma Gain Traction and Skills in Secondary Education showcases 20 Roma high school students from Bulgaria who believe in what they are, dare to challenge their current studies and invest in their vocational prospective. Roma are among the youngest communities in Europe, though, with the least utilized potential, said Ognyan Isaev, the Country Facilitator of the Roma Education Fund, at the opening of the exhibition.

  • REF and CEI are meeting soon to exchange know-how on secondary school programs for Roma students.

  • [PRESS RELEASE 5TH JUNE 2018] Roma Education Fund (REF) and the Centre for Educational Integration of Children

  • The Roma Education Fund (REF) and the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (REDI) invites applications for two internship positions at the microfinance institutions in each of the following countries:  Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia.

  • Roma Index is an electronic journal of the Association of Citizens "Romaversitas", published in Macedonain language. As a a recognized leader for the support and development of proactive and quality educated Roma, the goal of Roma Index is to inform, entertain and educate the readers about the everyday issues related to education, youth, Roma identity, and current affairs and social matters.

  • Roma Education Fund is seeking videographer contractor (either an individual or a crew) to produce a short film in close cooperation with the REF Communication Team (REF Comm) about one specific educational subtopic, related to the Roma Health Scholarship within the Higher Education Program of REF. The task requires a basic understanding of and familiarity with social and health issues Roma communities face in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

    Contractor has to undertake:

  • The dedicated pedagogue and poet József Choli Daróczi passed away on 12th May 2018 at the age of 79 and is remembered by many with great respect. Daróczi was one of the first and the most important developers of the Lovari dialect of Romani language in Hungary. He greatly contributed to the preservation and also the modernisation of Lovari through both his poetry and a number of language books and dictionaries. He translated the New Testament of the Bible into Lovari for the first time in 1996.